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Your probably thinking, why is New York City her favorite place.

New York city symbolized the United States, the greatest country on earth.New York City has been the subject of poetic love letters, essayistic homages, emotional cartographies, and artistic tributes. and the occasional personal essay.

My stomach was doing flips as we arrived at the airport and made our way to the gate.For the latest tips and deals, sign up for our free newsletter.For the first time in my life, I was exposed to a little taste of what the real world is like.An exhilarating feeling overcame me as I realized that I would soon be in one of the most amazing cities of the United States.Standing outside of one of the top stories of the Empire State Building was awesome.

Just five minutes out from the city, I could see her extend from the northernmost point.I think no one in New York reacts because their so used to it.

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It would take someone years to visit everything in New York City.

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New York City wears many crowns, and spreads an irresistible feast for all.

Everywhere you looked, there were people hailing taxis, waiting on buses, rushing underground to the subway stations, walking frantically, or desperately trying to maneuver their own cars through the busy streets.In reality NYC is a city that never sleeps, and is literately filled with bright lights.

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In visiting New York, you, too, are opening yourself up to a world of wonderful opportunities.

Free new york city papers, essays, and research papers. My Account.A Trip to the New York City essaysThe trip took me to the New York City, what a wonderful place.Over 8 million people live in it, and over 22 million people.The loud and constant sound of cars honking was heard throughout the entire trip.

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New York is the home to every mentally unstable girl in the country.

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The fifth very is a very interesting place from where many shops and the city and its people impressed me a lot.We walk down one street, get Chinese food for lunch (excellent food, great prices), then turn a corner, stop in an Italian bakery for a quick snack, or turn one more corner we may find Russian Tea Room, etc.

New York City Dreaming of bright lights, Broadway, and bagels,.New York on Tuesday became the third and largest major U.S. city to guarantee a measure of scheduling smoothness to fast food.