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As we enter the 21st Century, change and how to lead it successfully has become the foremost topic on the minds of organizational.Let us now look into how culture bars change in an organization.Therefore, the plan should be organized into both short-term and long-term goals, which can be used to reach success.The competitors are likely to have a higher rating on CSR and better acceptance among the consumers and investors.Without change a organizations faces the possibly of making their impact in their market place obsolete.The sooner there is acceptance and commitment, the sooner business results will occur.This initial step is aimed developing acceptability of the change process (Mind Tools 2012, p. 1). If change is to happen, people need to convince to buy into it so as to ensure the whole company is ready for it.A minor design change allowed them to move the components a little further apart.

The company has the option of setting up solar-powered base stations that are more efficient in energy consumption and less detrimental to the environment.Step Six: The sixth step is more of a morale creation step in which the change managers use the attained short-term goals to show success and draw more support.Zain is a Kuwait based international telecommunications company that was established in 1983.Therefore, any change that an organization implements is an intervention since its goal is to have an effect on a specific outcome.

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Using culture in the change process, rewards are on contribution and not position as in the case of using other means of change.Free Organizational papers, essays, and research papers. My Account.These diesel powered towers are indeed a challenge because they are not environmentally friendly in this era of increasing global warming.A total of 75 percent of the team indicated the need computer training.At this point it may be necessary to hire change management experts whose main roles will be to deliver change.

Some of the organizational barriers to the change are the unclear goals and inefficient leadership strategies.An estimated 1.6 billion people lack electricity access across the globe and most of these people reside in emerging markets.Currently, there is already an initiative in the market to reduce fossil fuel consumption by replacing generator powered based stations with solar powered base stations that have been significantly modified technologically so as to avoid the usage of fossil fuel, whilst offering a clean source of energy that is recyclable and safe for the environment.

The case of Zain and the necessary changes highlighted above may be handled through various types of models or theories of management.The attained short-term successes can help a great deal in creating motivation.

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Global warming is part of the serious environmental challenges that the world faces in this period of increasing climate changes.

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This is significant considering that the nation had approximately 3600 base stations by that year.

The process of making changes occurs when the management considers these questions and puts in place a plan to handle the process of change through change management strategies and models.But in order to determine the appropriate model and theory to pursue the management should consider the type of change necessary.This may come out as outright resistance or underground opposition to the plan, whichever the case that will not be very good for the changes anticipated.DISCLAIMER: provides custom writing and research services to clients for limited use only as dictated in our terms and conditions of service.Employees were encouraged to utilize their own skills and capabilities, and provided with resources that they can use when in doubt.Instructions: An essay on a topic in the field of organizational change and development as relates to Schein or French and Bell books.As such, most consumers are opting to buy from companies that demonstrate some form of environmental consciousness.Currently, most consumers are becoming environment conscious and they want to see positive changes within and without the industry with regard to green energy use and environmental care.

This therefore expands the international corporation between companies.The process is necessary for organizations that need to survive in a competitive environment and remain relevant in the corporate world.

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Rumor of why the change is occurring may arise internally between employees.Step Seven: According to Kotter real changes run deep and in many cases victory in change bids is declared too early and thus leading to failure of efforts in maintaining sustainability of the change process (Mind Tools 2012, p. 1). The short-term quick wins only indicate what should be kept constant.These organizations have offered an example of the possibility to use green power to power mobile operations.This is exemplified by the Qtel group of companies which has already expressed interest in adopting clean energy provision for its base stations so as to overcome the global warming challenges.

This is a good proposal, but it is also likely to get resistance from various stakeholders due to the fact that it may have some short-term effects, which may not be desirable.The process simply entails making regular and sufficient communication.When contemplating change there is an air of uncertainty, which at times characterizes the turning point and this is common for all forms of changes whether minor or great.The positive change for the organization is to adopt new technologies of providing green energy with little to no greenhouse gas emissions.The wide array of theories mainly classified according to how they handle the change process may be at times confusing.This is the assessment of the extent to which equal opportunities exist for advancements.