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The Westermarck effect (sexual inhibition among individuals raised together) is argued to be mediated olfactorily.Theorized in 1891 by Edvard Westermarck, the Westermarck effect is a psychological idea that people are not.The Westermarck effect is a hypothesis, but there is evidence to support it.Imprinting (psychology): In psychology and ethology, imprinting is any kind of phase-sensitive learning (learning occurring at a particular age or a particular life.

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Freud argued that members of the same family naturally lust for one another, making it necessary for societies to create incest taboos.

Title: The Westermarck Hypothesis and First Cousin Marriage: The Cultural Modification of Negative Sexual Imprinting Created Date: 20160802181217Z.The strongest potential reason to posit a (b)-like mechanism (or a (b)-like part of a mechanism) lies in the reports coming from children experiencing ARMGSA.We also see that many times individuals, specially females, choose older mates which have wealth, power, are highly successful and can provide security, all things a parent would already show.

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The home is kept pure from incestuous defilement neither by laws, nor by customs, nor by education, but by an instinct which under normal circumstances makes sexual love between the nearest kin a psychical impossibility.

Template:More footnotes The Westermarck effect, or reverse sexual imprinting, is a hypothetical psychological effect through which people who live in close domestic.First hypothesized by Finnish anthropologist Edvard Westermarck in his book The History of Human Marriage (1891).The best-known form of imprinting is filial imprinting, in which a young animal acquires several of its behavioral characteristics from its parent.As for age, in ancient times people often began having children in adolescence(12-18), so a parent who had a child at such age, would likely be in their 20s to 30s when their child reached an age of sexual development, not that old actually.This phenomenon, known as the Westermarck effect, was first formally described by Finnish anthropologist Edvard Westermarck in his book The History of Human Marriage.

Even when raised apart, genetic sexual attraction often occurs.FOR MORE INFORMATION visit the LIving Archives on Eugenics Website.

Your current project, Westermarck Effect, is about a biological mother and son meeting after 20 years apart and falling in love.

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Categories: English lemmas English nouns English eponyms Hidden category: English nouns with unknown or uncertain plurals.In the late 1800s, Edward Westermarck was sitting around and thinking about the incest taboo.At the end of ch.14 of A History of Human Marriage (all reference here to the 3rd edition) Westermarck says.However, there are a number of places where Westermarck himself suggests a much more general account of what the effect named in his honour covers.

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Consider how the Westermarck Effect would be modified were we to add either an offspring-to-parental incest avoidance mechanism, as in (b).Main Page Community portal Preferences Requested entries Recent changes Random entry Help Glossary Donations Contact us.

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Likewise, it seems likely that in the normal course of development, there are sufficient reasons for this sexual attraction to be lacking—age-related preferences, dispersal, others of sexual interest—without needing a dedicated mechanism of inhibition that is triggered through childhood experiences.

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The italics that I have added to both passages here gives the Westermarck Effect a much broader scope, applying not only to those who were in intimate contact during childhood, but to those more generally intimate while at least one of them was an infant or child.

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