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This indicator includes obligations for the AFRI program funded by USDA.Invited workshop presentation, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February.

One way this is assessed is through invitations for lectures at other universities and conferences.Hubball, H.T. (2015). Developing Institutional-level Leadership: The Scholarship of Educational Leadership Within and Across the.Hubball, H.T. (2014). Developing Institutional Leadership for the Scholarship of Curriculum and Pedagogical Practice Within and Across the Disciplines.Hubball, H.T. (2016). Abu Dhabi University Strategic Plan (2014-19): Implications for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership.Expenditures for Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab were excluded.Campus-wide presentation, Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Hawaii, Oahu. USA, March.Both the Phase I and Phase II indicators constitute the first stage of membership assessment.Hubball, H.T. (2010). Integrating institutional learning outcomes and scholarly approaches to curriculum, teaching and student learning in higher education.

Hubball, H.T. (2007). Scholarship of Curriculum Practice and Undergraduate Program Reform.Additional appropriate awards, fellowships, and memberships will be added to this list as they are identified.Submitted to the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 68 (5), 15 pgs.

These are at this time imperfect, but may provide some guidance to the committee in making its judgments on this topic.Invited Presentation and Meetings with Senior Administration, Academic Leaders, and Staff.Campus-wide presentation, Hong Kong University for Science and Technology, October.It can also seem at times to be a painfully slow process, so it is important to maintain the right balance of patience and urgency in your interactions with your lab personnel.Hubball, H.T. (2006). Mixed-mode Faculty Certificate Programs and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): A Canadian Perspective.Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education Center for Postsecondary Research INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION. 1900 E. Tenth Street.

Invited campus-wide (Dubai and Abu Dhabi campuses) presentation for multidisciplinary academic leaders, Zayed University, Dubai UAE, February.The Membership Indicators are a two-phase set of quantitative measures used to assess the breadth and quality of university programs of research and graduate education.Hubball, H.T., and Robertson, S. (2004). Problem-based Learning in a Youth Soccer Academy Program.Supervision duties centre on the formal supervision and mentoring, annually, of large numbers of graduating academic leaders within the context of the.

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Regional Research Center Presentation.Invited presentation to provide campus-wide seminar presentation, National University of Singapore, November.Hubball, H.T. (2010). Institutional teaching development plans and the scholarship of undergraduate degree programme reform.

Educational development presentation for multidisciplinary faculty and administrators, Arizona State University, USA, March.

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Hubball, H.T. (2007). Implementing Program-level Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Curricula.For many young faculty members, the process of building their research program coincides with establishing a family.

While the association does not have a specific limit on the number of its members, it values remaining a relatively small organization whose composition enables productive meetings and collegial relationships among the member presidents and chancellors.Invited presentation, Centre for Higher Education Development, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, November.Competitively funded federal research support: The Membership Committee uses National Science Foundation (NSF) research expenditure data, excluding formula-allocated USDA research expenditures and American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) expenditures.Hubball, H.T. (2007). Redesigning, Implementing and Evaluating Learning-centred Undergraduate Degree Programmes: Balancing Learning Outcomes in Multiple Pedagogical Contexts.Invited presentation to provide campus-wide seminar presentation, Macquarie University, NSW, December.

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Hubball, H.T. (2015). The Scholarship of Curriculum Leadership in Research-intensive University Settings: Learning-centred Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Program Reform.

The only investigators who do not receive rejections are those who do not submit proposals.Hubball, H.T. (2016). Qatar University Strategic Plan (2013-16): Developing Institutional Leadership for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership.Socio -Technical Research In a research intensive university, it is critical that the Catalyst Centre be seen a s a research centre.A career as a faculty member at a research-intensive university will offer many challenges and rewards.

Hubball, H.T. (2006). Implementing Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Degree Programmes in a Canadian Context.Since 1998, over-450 program graduates from around the world have made significant contributions to the scholarship of teaching, learning, curriculum and educational leadership practices in a wide range of peer-reviewed fora.Campus-wide presentation (including invited faculty from regional Universities) for Teaching Award Winners and Educational Developers, Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching, Hong Kong University, February.International Journal for Academic Development, 9 (1), 51-65.

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Invited presentation to provide campus-wide seminar presentation, Stellenbosch University (including delegates from UWC) Cape Town, South Africa, November.Hubball, H.T. (2016). American University of Sharjah Strategic Plan: Implications for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership.FEATURES Why the undergraduate years should include a research experience.Beginning in 2012: IPEDS Employee Assigned by Position (EAP) Descriptors (all categories are for full-time institutional employees — excluding medical schools — with faculty status who are on the tenure track or tenured).Hubball, H.T., and Poole, G. (2004). Learning-centred education to meet the diverse needs and circumstances of university faculty through an eight-month programme on teaching and learning in higher education.Invited Presentation by Director, Teaching and Learning, Centre for Teaching and Learning, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE, February.An advantage of faculty life is built-in flexibility in the way you spend your time outside of teaching classes.